Originally from the UK, Steven Burton is a seasoned portrait and lifestyle photographer with an education in Graphic design and advertising. 

A self-taught photographer following a successful modeling career where he had the opportunity to work with and be inspired by iconic photographers such as Bruce Weber, Patrick DeMarchelier, Michael Roberts to name a few. The years he spent drawing on this experience has informed the photographer that he is today. 

Crossing over to the other side of the lens, Steven has combined his love of photography with his love of travel. Traveling to remote locations around the world, such as Tibet, Papua New Guinea, Burma, Asia and the Middle East. Working with NGO’s such as the United Nations, Grass Roots Soccer (South Africa), and Homebody industries LA. 

Steven’s background has also translated incredibly into his portrait, fashion, and advertising photography.  Steven is well versed in problem solving coupled with a relaxed yet efficient style of shooting. 

Steven lives between NYC and Miami.