Originally from the UK, Steven Burton is a seasoned portrait and lifestyle photographer with an education in graphic design and advertising. 

Steven's career has taken him to remote locations around the world such as Tibet, Papua New Guinea, Burma, Asia and the Middle East to name a few. He has worked with advertising agencies and NGO’s such as the United Nations, Grass Roots Soccer (South Africa), Homebody industries LA and McGarry Bowen. His personal work has garnered him international acclaim and attention.  

Steven is soon to launch a book (October 27th, 2017) titled "Skin deep, looking beyond the tattoos" with Powerhouse books Publishing Co. In this personal project, Steven photographed portraits of heavily tattooed ex-gang members, removed their tattoos on Photoshop, then returned and interviewed them about their lives, while showing them the retouched images. 

Skin Deep so far has become an internet sensation with collectively over 45 million views on social media. It has also featured international on most major news channels, editorial and tv platforms. The premise of the book questions how we as a society judge people based on their appearance and also how we judge ourselves.

Steven has recently re-located back to NYC, lives in Brooklyn and when he is not photographing, you can find him surfing at Rockaway beach, painting at home or just loving life in NYC.